In just 50 miles or 80 km distance from Koh Chang on the mainland, is an aquatic park with dolphin show and an optional swimming attraction.Here you can play, feed and swim with these intelligent mammals. In order to protect their delicate skin, it is prohibited to wear potentially abrasive things like a piercing or zippers on your swimwear. It is mandatory to wear a safety-vest during the water activities there. Actually, only a limited number of slots for the interaction with the dolphins are available daily. Therefore please make sure to let us book your required slots well in advance, to guarantee your successful trip there.

The Top Resort combines this shuttle service for guests with a visit to a nearby Bhudda-Park, where the life and times of Lord Bhudda is shown in huge sculptures, a Cinese temple is also on this tour. Upon request, we can combine the dolphin-show also with an natural waterfall. Nam Tok Phliu is a three-tiered waterfall within a National Park, also suitable for swimming year-round.