The southernmost point on Koh Chang, features a unique community called Bang Bao. Smack into Bang Bao’s bay, the inhabitants created a village entirely on stilts. The community has walkways on stilts to connect the different parts of the village; a harbor offers a number of ferry services to neighboring islands from the Bang Bao pier. Scuba diving centers utilize the harbor as a departure point for their diving excursions; snorklers find suitable boat trips here as well. A bathing beach invites swimmers and beach-enthusiasts to a spot just 2 km south of Bang Bao, a great spot to relax as well.

The stilted settings calls for caution, when strolling. The shallow waters underneath, do keep the area quite cool in hot weather. Don’t forget to bring your camera as there are plenty of motives to take pictures of and share at a later time with your friends and family. Bring some appetite! If you love seafood, Bang Bao is famed for the freshest delicacies from the ocean. Simple guest houses, a supermarket and some fresh market stalls complete this picturesque village.