White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao)

The White Sand Beach is, without any doubt, the nicest bathing beach on Koh Chang with the best infrastructure for visitors and sun-seekers. It streches for 3.5 kilometers and the Top Resort sits on the cliff at its southern end. Even during high season, this beach does not appear crowded at all. There have been absolutely no reports on sand flies on this fabulous stretch of tropical, palm fringed beach, in such close proximity to the Top Resort!

Klong Phrao Beach (Had Klong Prao)

This beach is about 1.500 meters long and home to some upper class hotels. Two rivers meet the sea here and pretty lagoons have formed. The nasty sand flies here, do leave skin irritations with their bites. They are endemic to this part of Koh Chang – but only bother guests from time to time.

Kai Bae Beach (Had Kai Bae)

This beach slopes for about one kilometer. Its shore has a shallow sea-bed making it favourable for swimming. Tourists who want to visit neighbouring islands, such as Koh YuakKoh Man Nok and Koh Man Nai, can hop into a boat from this beach. Kai Bae Beach has predominately simple guesthouses to offer, but a tendency towards quality rooms has surfaced recently.

Lonely Beach (Had Tha Nam)

A 700 meter stretch of sandy beach with simple structures for guests (mainly huts). The distance from the island-side piers is about 30 kilometers and accessible by a curvy and steep, winding road. Lonely Beach is the only non-shallow beach on Koh Chang; the oceans floor drops steep just a few meters into the sea.