Terms and Conditions


  1. The hotel foyer is a NON SMOKING area.
  2. Strictly no pets allowed, and please do not feed any local pets.
  3. Check out time is 12.00 noon.
  4. Persons not registered at reception must not stay overnight. Inviting any third Person to the room is on your own risk. Damage caused by a third person is on your responsibility. Top-Resort can restrict third person entering Top Resort-Area.
  5. Please switch off air-conditioning when you leave the room. While air conditioning is on, please close all doors and windows; including the bathroom. (This will maximize the cooling process)
  1. The using of ways and stairs and all other facilities in the area of Top Resort is on your own risk.
  2. Please keep noise to a minimum level between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  3. Please do not smoke while in or on the bed. (Fire hazards etc.)
  4. Please dispose of Sanitary towels, tampons, condoms etc. in the rubbish bin. The toilet systems on this Island can not take such waste and will result in backup problems. Top-Resort have the right to charge you to solve documented problems caused by you, also after checkout.
  1. It is prohibited to bring in and consume foods and beverages from outside to pool, pool bar and restaurant.(penalty fee 500,-)
  2. Any damage to hotel property by guests will be charged. (Please see regress list in your room or ask at reception)
  3. Any things forget, lost or stolen in area of resort is not in responsibility of Top-Resort.
  4. Top-Resort does not offer service in hotel bookings, taxi bookings to international flights and reconfirming of any tickets. Information’s to agencies with these services are out of our responsibility.
  5. In case of breaking rules above, Top-Resort can order checking out immediately without pay back money.
  6. The swimming pool can be used daily from 8:00 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
  7. We will extra charge 500,- Baht in case of excessive stained rooms or facilities on Check Out.
  8. Credit card payment occur 4% service charge on the billed amount.