How to get here

The trip to Ko Chang can be accomplished by all kinds of transport, but a final leg of the journey has do be done by a ferryboat (roll-on/roll-off car & passenger ferry). Once you have arrived on the island, there are simple public transports (shared taxi-buses) available by the island-side piers, for the completion your trip to Ko Chang or your final destination.

We recommend choosing the Ao Thammachat ferry, if you arrive by bus or private car from Bangkok. The ride on the ferry lasts just over 30 minutes and ferries depart roughly every 45 minutes. Operation times are restricted to daylight hours, the ferries operate from 7 AM to 7 PM daily. Centerpoint is a less frequent ferry alternative.

When you arrive via Trat city, the Centerpoint pier is a little closer for you. Departures are from 7 AM to 7 PM hourly, transit-times equal approximately 45 minutes. Private taxis from Trat may want to coax you into a possible transport by chartered fisher boat from the Laem Ngob pier. These non-scheduled island transfers are very costly and the touts and taxis, which deliver travelers there, receive a hefty commission for the drop-off. Scheduled ferries operate frequently from Ao Thammachat and the Centerpoint piers. Minivans from Bangkok and Pattaya prefer the Ao Thammachat ferry, the drop-off is right next to the ticketing booth for the ferry. Trat’s airport also offers bus shuttles for 500 Baht, which utilize the most frequent and speedy Ao Thammachat ferry. They bring you right to the Top Resort’sdoorstep. Flights from Bangkok are twice daily (3 daily flight during the high season). Same-day arrivals are even guaranteed on the island if you are choosing the afternoon flights.

From Bangkok

From Pattaya