Thai customs

  • Avoid adressing any dialogue-partner by his surname (family name), use first names only.
  • Hand shakes are not common as a greeting, refrain from extending a hand towards them as a gesture. Use a “Wai” instead.
  • Avoid touching the head of any human, also children, as it is considered inappropriate.
  • Remove any shoes, before entering temples or private residences.
  • Wear decent garments when visiting temples, beach wear is not considered appropriate.
  • Females is not allowed to touch a Buddhist monks robe, hand or skin.
  • Control your anger at all times, remain calm permanently.
  • Violating existing laws about the dignity or sovereignty of the Royal Monarch or his family (Lese Majeste) is considered a serious offence and will be prosecuted.
  • Strict enforcements about laws concerning substance abuse can be expected. The Thai penal code foresees the death penalty for drug trafficking!